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Girls of Berlin

From the peaceful and middle class streets in Pankow to the gentrified chaotic Kreuzberg, Berlin is a city that encourages people to be what and who they want to be. Known as the “Hauptstadt der Bundesrepublik Deutschland”, Berlin is more than a place to be, is a place to belong with.

People are windows of the feeling of freedom from the former divided city. There is no exclusivity, Berlin has place for all of them. Unified, amplified.

Girls of Berlin is an Art Project that put the girls (of all ages) inside of the portrait of the heart of Germany. If Berlin was a girl, who would she be? Who would she date? Let these empowered girls from each part of town show you the “Berliner style” in some kind of trip beyond the images.

More than photos, Girls of Berlin shows the soul of who is building the new face of the city.

by talita rhein